Saturday, 24 October 2015

Gov't promotes lifelong learning

Chief Secretary Carrie Lam

Lingnan University has always cherished its motto, Education for Service. Over the years, it has been a training ground for whole-person education for members of our community. Lingnan is renowned for its promotion of liberal arts education, in particular the emphasis on instilling a sense of civic duty in students.


Lingnan also plays an active part in promoting international exchange programmes, thereby broadening students' horizons and enhancing their ability to meet various challenges after graduation.


The SAR Government shares Lingnan University's vision for the development of liberal arts education. In fact, the expansion of undergraduate programmes to four years in the new academic structure allows our university students more time for learning activities beyond lecture rooms.


These activities not only enrich students' college life and experience, but also broaden their horizons and enable them to achieve lifelong learning.


The Government has been committed to supporting the development of post-secondary education in Hong Kong, and will continue to invest heavily in higher education.


Apart from progressively increasing the annual senior-year undergraduate intake in funded institutions, starting from the last academic year, we provide a subsidy of up to $15,000 for each eligible post-secondary student as an incentive for joining exchange programmes outside Hong Kong, so as to ensure that no students will be deprived of opportunity to make the most of their post-secondary life due to a lack of means.


Chief Secretary Carrie Lam gave these remarks at the Walking with Lingnanians Fundraising Walkathon 2015 starting ceremony at the Kwun Tong Promenade.

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