Friday, 11 July 2014

LG unveils a TV screen you can roll up

LG Display Co. has developed an 18-inch flexible display that can be rolled into the shape of a thin cylinder, a step toward making a large display for flexible TVs.

The South Korean display panel maker said Friday the flexible display has a resolution of 1200 pixels by 810 pixels and maintains its function when it is rolled up.

While that resolution would fall within the range of high-definition, images on the display would not look as sharp as the latest flat displays that boast ultra-high definition.

South Korea LG semi-transparent Display

The South Korean company also unveiled a semi-opaque display. Though it is not as transparent as glass, that's the direction that the company is heading. (LG Display Co./Associated Press)

LG touted its technology as a significant advance, saying the cylinder's diameter would be just 6 centimetres . It means LG Display could produce TVs that are larger than 50 inches diagonally and can be rolled up.
It is based on OLED technology, an advanced display that can show images in richer colours.

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