Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Entrepreneur Barbie takes aim at glass ceiling

mattel barbie toy store retail

Perhaps it’s a sign of the tough job market: Barbie has struck out on her own. Mattel Canada unveiled a well-dressed, cellphone-toting version of its iconic doll — called Entrepreneur Barbie — in Toronto on Wednesday.

It’s unclear by her garb what company she runs; instead of a power suit, she sports a form-fitting, hot pink sleeveless dress, and her briefcase looks more like a designer purse. The only hint that this doll means business are her tiny tablet and smartphone accessories.
Entrepreneur Barbie is out to inspire young girls to dream big and perhaps one day be their own boss. And she’s ready to invest: Mattel also announced today a new Barbie Business Bursary Program where three budding Canadian entrepreneurs under the age of 18 will each get a $2,500 cash injection to fund their winning business idea.

The business doll already has a crew of women on staff, including Montreal entrepreneur Erica Diamond. She’s Barbie Canada’s chief inspiration officer and will help pick the bursary winners.
Diamond makes no apologies for Barbie’s attire. "She’s in a dress because we know that entrepreneurs don't have to be stuffy," she said.

"We need Entrepreneur Barbie so little girls can have a role model and can see someone who looks like them in the future and to know that when they grow up, they can become an entrepreneur."

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