Monday, 12 May 2014

U.K. apprentice numbers rise while Canada's stop and start

Apprentice with screwdriver

Both Canada and Britain are proposing huge financial commitments for apprenticeships this year, but their approaches differ considerably.

The goal is common. Both governments want to fill jobs, strengthen economies and keep students out of debt.

But at the heart of the debate is where the money should go. In the U.K., $313.6 million is set to go to employers creating new apprenticeships, an upgrade to previous funding. This is in addition to funding for training, which includes $37 million this year.

In Canada, apprentices themselves are the target, with $100 million planned in new federal loans being among the latest in a series of initiatives since 2006 directed mostly to apprentices themselves.
This latest case represents thousands of loans worth $4,000 each going to apprentices training in the Red Seal trades, which include construction, plumbing and hairstyling.

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