Saturday, 31 May 2014

Canadian air travel changes: New planes, full flights, less service

Air Canada Boeing 787 Dreamliner Toronto Pearson

The federal government recently announced two new rules that are set to change the way Canadians experience the evolving world of air travel.

Even for frequent flyers, there often seems to be something new at the airport on every trip — from check-in machines to baggage charges. Here are five recent changes that have affected the airline industry, and five more that are on the horizon.

Change is in the air

1. Bigger, better jets
Air Canada Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight deck

Air Canada recently showed off the first of the 37 Boeing 787 Dreamliners it purchased to great fanfare. The state-of-the-art jet is said to be quieter, lighter and 20 per cent more fuel efficient than its predecessors, while still carrying more cargo and providing a smoother ride for the some 300 passengers on board.

Porter Airlines, meanwhile, is hoping to fly the Bombardier CS100 (dubbed the whisper jet) in and out of the Toronto Island airport.

Add the gigantic Airbus A380 — currently only flying between Toronto and Dubai — and a host of smaller, sleeker jets and turboprops and you have a Canadian market served by some expensive new machines.

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