Thursday, 19 December 2013

Sport and the economy

Sport’s contribution to the English economy reached £20.3 billion in 2010, 1.9% of the England total.
This placed sport up in the top 15 industry sectors in England above motor vehicles, telecoms services, legal services, accounting, publishing, advertising and the utilities.

Research commissioned by Sport England and carried out by AMION Consulting found an important and resilient sector. The summary report is available to download below.

Sport employment remains a crucial component of the economy. The number of people with sport-related jobs in 2010 is estimated at over 400,000 – that’s 2.3% of all employment in England.
Wider benefits
Volunteering in sport, and the health benefits from sport, also have an impact on the economy.
  • The estimated economic value of sport-related volunteering is £2.7 billion
  • The annual value of health benefits from people taking part in sport is estimated at £11.2 billion
Sport’s value to England and the regions in 2008
Previous work into the economic value of sport also compared the value of the sport sector across the country.
London makes the largest contribution, reflecting the size of its economy. However, all nine English regions benefit from the economic impact of sport.
The North East, for instance, has the lowest level of sport-related consumer spending and employment. But as a proportion of the region’s overall spend and jobs, both are well above the English average.
Read more about the economic impact of sport in England in 2008 and at a regional level by downloading the documents below.
Economic impact and regeneration
There have been a number of studies on the economic impact of sport in recent years.
The Cardiff Millennium Stadium and the City of Manchester Stadium both had a positive impact on local property markets, one study found.
Other researchers have studied the economic impact of non-elite, mass-participation events such as marathons. They found such events can raise the profile of a host location and generate tourist income for minimal infrastructure investment.
Major recent research on this topic has been reviewed by the Value of Sport Monitor and a summary of the evidence is available to download below.

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